Sunburn affecting my brains

Dear Journal,

I just checked that I have seven abandoned blogs and yet I want to have this new one.

And yes, so what if everyone thinks I am self-centered? I AM! And so are thousands of other blogs. What makes mine special? Well, it’ll take time for something to come up. So until then, bookmark my page and visit it once a month.

Oh, what am I doing? Do I expect my future employers to hire me after they know that I will only work if it is to my advantage (lots of pay)? Ah! I shall blame this as temporary insanity. Or the sun.

Back to business, I went white water rafting today. It was fun!

I went with Uncle Lee and Auntie Lee (I don’t call them that in real life, this is the translated version). In his big Prado (hope I got it right, I am terrible at remembering cars) there were eight people. Their daughther, son-in-law, two grandkids (boys) and a gwai-lou kid. (If you don’t know what gwai-lou means, then good, you shouldn’t know.)

It was a forty minute ride to Tamparuli. We went to the small town and ate some durian before going to the rafting place (30 ++ min)

Then we had to wear a plastic helmet with a 3cm layer of sponge in it and a life jacket. I chose a pink helmet and a reddish life jacket. Then a funny guy told us the safety instructions (complete with play acting of drowning person)

Then we were off to our rubber rafts. I sat with Uncle and Auntie Lee and their youngest grandkid. Bounced around and almost fell out.

Came back with horrible sunburn


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