Sushi day

PGP, Aug. 25 — Decided to stop blogger food blogs bcoz can’t get picasa pics to show in them. Boycotting you!

Too bad I can’t edit the date for blog entry.

Had craving for sushi since JY came. (Maybe she looks like a sushi. kidding dear!) So I bought a sushi rolling thingy from Daiso.

Then the Great Chef herself (D) agreed to making sushi! Yeah! Or i’ll be eating rice balls with nori coz I don’t really know how to make sushi.

On that fateful day, I lugged all my Gladware containers to the crime scene.

Here are the ingredients:


Nori: (dried seaweed)

our veggie friends:
carrot and asparagus

yummy steam chicken strips

left: fried egg (a website called it tamago — which is egg in japanese)
right: taupok filled with onions (see below)

For other non-nori sushi, we have:


caramelized onions :

not so Step by step to make taupok-sushi

1: clean taupok by dunking in boiling water. Gets rid of 50% oily matter

2. cut taupok in half

3. stuff in onions or other fillings. Not too much or it’ll overload later

4. Stuff in rice

5. Gently push in rice and squeeze from other side of taupok to make it look nicer (i failed at that)

Make your own sushi:

1. place nori on rolling thiny and put rice

2. Arrange fillings in middle

3. Roll!!!!!

5. Chop

Completed japanese meal for six, consumed by two in period of three meals


Sushi pretending to be slug


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