Macau: Post trip entry

Food in Macau is very different from what I’ve had the three months in China. In China, I usually have noodles or rice with stir-fry. But in Macau, we tried Macanese food. Yum!

First on the list is:
Pork Chop Bun

It was breakfast and we were dying from hunger looking for somewhere good to eat. There was a porridge shop but we’ve had enough of porridge in China. Then I saw this shop and we went in. Pork chop buns took quite a time to make. They fry the pork chop then slip it between two pieces of slightly hard bread

I also had coffee with my breakfast. Ah!! Coffee!! I’ve been having 3-in-1 all those time there!

Next is the ginger milk and/ double skin milk pudding

milk pudding, Cantonese style
very smooth

We had Portuguese for dinner.
I don’t remember the names but v tasty too
– is shark fin soup

on the left is tomato based with seafood, the right is cheese with chicken

Portuguese curry

while on our trip back from black sand beach, we stopped at a coffee shop. they gave me a whole pot of tea and an inch of condensed milk

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