I (heart) DIGI

start of none food chain of thoughts:


Consider this advertising if you want. Just felt like showing off my affections for my Malaysian mobile phone service operator. I started using it since 2003 (such a short period!) and my whole family uses DIGI. Think it’s PR is terrific, we feel like we’re geniuses for sticking with it.

I don’t really care about the call rates, I rarely call and if I do, it is to my Friends and Family list so it’s not too expensive either.

The best thing I LOVE about mobile phone service operators in MY is that there’s NO incoming call charge. When using prepaid, I am charged for receiving a call in both Singapore and China. What’s up with that?

And for Singapore, you get “free” incoming if you pay 50cents a day. HA HA! free?? That’s RM1++ a day to just receive calls.

Take a leaf from Malaysia, do not charge for incoming calls. (China’s doing it slowly! Yipee sis! http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200705/23/eng20070523_377073.html )

Why charge them that when you can make outgoing calls slightly more expensive? Someone’s bound to call so you’ll get profits too!

Add in a food photo. Barbequed squid. Looks like ones in Japanese comics


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