Le petit déjeuner

I was watching Taxi 3 and saw Emilien eating croissants. I started having cravings for croissants. For days, I daydreamed about croissants.

Surprisingly, my aunt gave me 3 croissants when I visited her place. Ha! Thank you. I love life’s nice surprises. So I had them for today’s breakfast.

D suggested I make my coffee in my IKEA bowl. Imagine, using a Chinese bowl (ok, it’s not really a chinese bowl) for a pseudo-French experience. But, I did anyway.

Before I show you the breakfast, let’s go behind the scenes of breakfast preparation.

Instant coffee and half a cup of milk

I always have coffee with milk for breakfast. But today, I decided to indulge myself with more milk and coffee. Two teaspoons of coffee and half a cup of milk.

The milk goes into the microwave for about 2 minutes on high to scald the milk (according to the internet recipe)

Croissants goes into the toaster

Toasting is an art. You don’t want to end up with charcoal, nor do you want slightly brown bread that is soft when bitten in. Yuck!

I flip my toast (and today my croissants) every once in a while to get the toast evenly brown.

After all that preparation, I decided to be a bit more extravagant and got my orange checkered cloth out. The cloth doesn’t function as table cloth at regular times, but today it did itself and me proud.

Cafe au lait avec des croissants


I also had two hard boiled eggs. They didn’t seem too French so I didn’t include them here.

A video on how to prepare a French breakfast

VideoJug: How To Make French Breakfast


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