Best thing since novel summaries

I remember how I used to go online to read summaries of assigned novel in EN1101E. Those were the days, is reduced to three/ four paragraphs. wasn’t in ole ole English. Sigh~

I found something even better than that! 5 second movie on Youtube.

It’s by this guy with glasses called “the guy with glasses”. He takes movies and summarizes them into a short video (less than 30 sec). Why “5 sec” when it’s more than that? Click on the link and he’ll explain to you.

The guy with glasses said that movie studios were complaining to Youtube about him infringing copyright. Ha! Taking 30 seconds out of a 2 hour movie is infringing?
Just check out his stuff. You’ll spend A LOT of 5 seconds procrastinating. Plus, you can impress your friends by telling them what happened in movies without watching the movies.


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