Sad that I don’t know geek speak

Spent the last hour at home (before flying back) installing Ubuntu on the home computer. Previously, I failed to install the program twice, each time I downloaded the wrong version for my computer.

This time I got it right, but I burned it in the wrong format. (Note to NERO, please tell me next time that bootable CD is not the same as burning an ISO) After some search on Google, I found out the way to burn ISO images. *clap clap*

Loads of emotions crashed around in my chest (but it should be in my head as my heart cannot feel any emotions) when I successfully got it to run. After running, it was “OK… Now what?” Using Firefox in Ubuntu, I searched online for tips to make the system v v cool. Found articles that looked helpful but were in computer geek language, a language that I would love to be fluent in but can’t.

A sample of the geek language from Pidgin:

For the user who installed Pidgin, the language selected during installation will be the default. This can be overridden by setting the PIDGINLANG environment variable (for example, PIDGINLANG=de). If neither of these are specified, it will fall back to the default Windows user locale setting.

OK. Can you please please tell me where I can find PIDGINLANG? I messed up my installations when I choose French as the default language. Bad move.

Will I ever be able to use Linux if I don’t know geek language? Help!


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