Back from Batam

Updating Batam trip post before sleeping~

Photos of the scenery here:

We took a ferry from Harbourfront. The ride was about 45 minutes, I wasn’t too seasick. The immigration at Sekupang (one of Batam’s harbour) was very slow. Our queue snaked till outside the building. Batam is an hour behind Singapore, even thought geographically located a bit more to the east of sg.

We were brought to KTM resort afterwards. It’s a resort far from the town. It didn’t have a beach. The photos I took are a lot nicer than actually being there. I shared a cottage with two other girls, C and S.

After lunch at the resort, we took a cab and went shopping. We had to pay in Singapore Dollars for all our taxi rides!! The scenery on the way to ton looked like the town area of Sabah so I didn’t expect much from the town.

We went to Nagoya Hill, a place where the receptionist at the resort recommended. The place was a big shopping plaza, very different from shopping malls in SG. Clothes were cheap! We found out where the massage shops were at and went to one named Isabella.

Isabella looked like a posh place. It was very nice. The message area is partitioned into smaller areas. The light was dimmed and orange. What I thought was, thank god it doesn’t look like a brothel.

I chose the aromatherapy massage. It was my first massage and it was so so. I had expected something really painful. After the message, we learnt that the massage centre offers free round trip for its customers. Call them and they’ll fetch you. Considering the cab fare is about the same as the massage price, it’s a good deal. My massage cost around $20.

Isabella Massage House is located opposite Nagoya Hill Plaza, to the right of the cars’ entrance. Phone number: 62 778-749 3692

After the massage, we had A&W. It was great! I missed curly fries and root beer float. After A&W, we shopped around. The department store Matahari was having a sale. We found T-shirts selling at RP 19,900, which is only around S$3. They had the funniest words.


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