Being a social sciences student

I am now taking “Animal Behavior” from the school of Biological Sciences. This is part of my breadth modules, classes that you take which are not from your faculty, in hopes that you will see more of the world. (Why on earth French is not considered as a breadth for us Arts & Social Sciences? Languages are definitely neither Arts nor Social Sciences. Blame the administration.)

Anyway, back to “Animal Behavior”. It is the most fun breadth I’ve taken. (Worse being “Introduction to Programming”.) It’s fun because there is no textbook, no coursepack of readings. All you need to do is go to class, watch videos on animals and learn very interesting things about the animal world.

Whenever I’m in Animal Behavior, I feel slightly depressed about my major — Communications and New Media. If you are a science student, you will see your theories and experiment results immediately. You say, “Bees attack intruders.” And ta-da! you will see your theories being confirmed immediately.

But for social sciences, we have theories that aren’t that easy to prove. One theory doesn’t mean it will apply to everyone else. Your project might not be feasible after all those months of hard work.

But. . . I wouldn’t want to be looking at bees for my whole career.

Check out Animal Behavior’s module blog


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