Review: The Other Boleyn Girl

Went to GV yesterday with D because I have a buy-one-free-one voucher for birthday. (Very simple to get one, sign up at, print out stuff and you can watch movies at cheaper price)

Bought tix for The Other Boleyn Girl which “starts” at 4:15pm. We happily brought our popcorn to the entrance, it was around 4:03pm. But the ticket guy said, “It’s not ready yet, come back five minutes later.”

What the?? That sort of stuff never happens in KK. It’s not like they don’t have enough screening rooms or that they clean really really slowly. Sheesh.

So, patiently, we waited. And finally we can go in. We chowed down the popcorn and waited, patiently again. At last, it was 4:15 and the screen blinked.

We started with the entree: commercials. Sigh, how long has it been since I’ve seen commercials on a big screen. This is so fun!

I watched them happily and counted how many there were. I lost count at five.

More commercials bombarded us, telling how to be confident and all that crap

  • “Have great hair, use SUNSXXX.” (twice)
  • “Have healthy kids, use Soap brand X.” (twice)
  • “Don’t file share, it’s stealing.”
  • “You MUST watch Sex and the City because it’s witty.”
  • “We don’t care if our commercial is illogic, as long as you know that you should drink brand C beer! Seriously!”
  • “I know you don’t care about this commercial anymore but we’re putting it up coz we’ve been paid to do so.”
  • “Yeah, I’m 70 years old but I can still use my whip to swing around. Sign, Indiana Jones.”

We sat through at least TWENTY commercials. And the show finally started at 4:30pm. About time!

The movie started beautifully, leading characters’ names were on the lower left of the screen, liked it coz I find names spalshed across the screen ugly. Then there were cute children, beautiful women, stubbly manly men and great gothic castles!! I like!

Who cares about history when watching a movie. It’s fiction, dearies! The dresses looked like peacock feathers. So lovely!

There were comedic moments in the movie:

When Anne comes back to England from France, she was fetch from the sea. Then we see her ride off on a horse. And in the background, we see a ship like Captain Jack Sparrow’s. Hmm… should we deduce that the ship was Anne’s personal taxi-ship and it doesn’t mind dropping her off some obscure beach before turning back to France?

That’s one I remember the most 😀


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