Addictive website creation

Working on NM3217’s website. Quite addictive after the first page is complete.

I remember that the first time (and only time) I created a website from scratch was in Senior 2.

I borrowed a book on website creating using Microsoft Frontpage. It seemed easy and there was step by step instructions. So I decided to create one.

It was very fun. I drew drafts of the site map. I borrowed comics to scan to use. I did a lot of “extra curricular” on the website. I enjoyed every second of it, probably because only one other guy in class has a “personal” site. Yeah! I’m a early adopter!

After completing the site, there was nothing to do but update. Updating is worse than creating a website because you have to think of fresh ideas to put in. Updating was so frustrating that I decided to abandon the site.

It now floats with the gazillion other cyber trash.

I found the site! Be prepared to face a scary otaku page

Rest in peace mitchan!

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