Saturday adventures

I decided to go to IKEA to buy towels, they sell nice fluffy towels for only $2.50.

I went online to check the buses to take. I wrote down which bus stop to transfer and off I went to the bus stop.

What I didn’t know was that I was at the wrong bus stop, and I boarded the right bus but wrong direction. I was wondering why the bus stop that I need to transfer never came.

And before I knew it, I was passing Jurong and already at Boon Lay. These places are at the opposite of IKEA Alexandra! AH!

But never mind, any wrong trip can still be an adventure, so I decided to spend the morning at Jurong Point. (I was planning to go there a week ago but realised it’s just too far away.)

At Jurong Point, they renovated one of the sections into “Osaka Street”.
0830jurongpt by you.
Their crab seems a bit more skinny than the ones in Osaka.

0830jurongpt-2 by you.

0830jurongpt-4 by you.

0830jurongpt-6 by you.

0830jurongpt-5 by you.
0830jurongpt-3 by you.

Everything looked fake, sadly but it’s fun trying to see how they create Japan in Singapore.

And there’s a contest too!

0830jurongpt-1 by you.
I didn’t have breakfast there because all the shops were not opened. So I went to Kopitiam to have their toast set.

0830jurongpt-7 by you.
All this for $2. The cup is huge compared to the tiny ones you get else where. The coffee by itself is $1.20, so you might as well get the whole set. Though the half boiled eggs didn’t settle quite well.

In the afternoon, went to Lianna’s to get one of my box back.


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