Hanadan and no homework day

Dear blog, I have sinned. I had procrastinated yet again. Even worse was, I had been a glutton the whole day.

I went to Cineleisure to watch . I had wanted to watch it when I saw its poster on Cathay cinema’s site. Since Wednesday was my free day, I decided to go. I did bring readings with me, though I did not touch any of them.

0909hanadanDay-0 by you.

There was a lot of Japanese ladies when I was there. I believe they are moms who had happily sent their children to school and decided to watch. But it was a very teenagery movie, and I don’t know if they’ve seen the dramas to understand who’s who.

It was a good movie. The camera angles like to take far away shots, which I think is great coz the sets were beautiful. I was surprised to find Fujiki Naohito in it. He plays the grown up character so well, plus he’s good looking. heh heh

After the movie, I wandered aimlessly and decided to go for lunch near the National Library. (lunch, then study was my plan) I was walking around and I saw Jack’s Place, and the poster for student meals. $6.50? that’s a good price.

So I ordered the beef spaghetti.

0909hanadanDay-1 by you.

The meal included a drink, toast, and two scoops of ice cream. Yummy

0909hanadanDay-2 by you.

I was very full after my lunch, then I walked in the second hand book shops in Bras Basah. Didn’t buy anything. Went to the library to find seats to study. But found a book instead and started reading.

N was around the area and we met up. We had drinks at J Co.
0909hanadanDay-3 by you.

There, I discovered books lying around to be taken. bookcross.sg

I took two Edith Wharton back. I’ll release it back into the wilds once I finish them.
0909hanadanDay-4 by you.

Then it was dinner at Han’s at the library.

0909hanadanDay-5 by you.

0909hanadanDay-6 by you.

I badly needed carbs so I got another set of spaghetti.

Then N and I went to City Hall. I wanted to buy a purple eyeliner from Silkygirl and Guardians was having 20% discount.

Funny thing is. I’ve checked Takashimaya’s, Bugis Junction’s, City Link and they do not have the section for Silkygirl. What??!

So we walked into Suntec to get one. The saleslady at Guardians was very busybody. She pretended to rush to us and asked if she could help. I told her that since they don’t have a sharpener to sharpen the testers, she cannot help us. It was a hint for her to leave, but she still stuck to us like a flea. Shoo! She gave useless advice. Go away! You’re spoiling my shopping experience.

Ih, in the morning when i was changing trains at Raffles Place MRT, I decided to take photos of the murals they had because D’s prof told them to see.

Then the MRT ppl looked at me suspiciously. One even asked, “Are you taking a picture of the design.” I said, “Yeaaah.” And expected her to start quarreling (would gladly quarrel with her). Then she just walked off. WTH. Then I saw two of the people talking, and they looked my way. I went to the platform and one of the employee went down too. He looked around while I glared at him. They’re one paranoid people. In Japan, we can hug pillars and no one gave a damn.

The designs were ugly anyway! Ugly propaganda
DSCN0418 by you.

DSCN0416 by you.


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