PP: My curtains

Oct 10: Taiwan’s National Day

1010 by you.

I took a photo of my room from the bus stop. My room is so far up that from the photo, I can’t see which it is. Ha ha

So I zoomed in and cropped the photo for the blog. I found out that I’m the only one on this side who has taken down the stuffy curtains and fixed up other curtains.

Being the meanie that I am, I always smile evilly when I pass my cluster mates’ dark gloomy (not to mention stuffy) room in the morning. Their rooms are gloomy because they have put down the curtains to block the sun. It’s super sunny these days.

But with my curtains, I can have both sunlight and breeze. Ha ha ha! The only problem is that my curtains will catch fire, as if that would happen.

DSCN0737 by you.

The orange cloth blocks out the sun that shines right into my face when I use my laptop. Must improvise

DSCN0736 by you.

Lovely $4 cloth as long long curtain. Just nice


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