PP 10: Night view

1011 by you.

I posted a night view of PGP. I realised I had not posted any night views. So this is one, taken from my window. I balanced the camera on the slope of my window to steady my hand. The bus is just leaving.


PS I spent 24 hours plus without my camera. It’s a bit frightening to know that I am psychologically attached to my camera. I am more afraid of the thought of not being able to photograph something important than actually not being able to do so. Do I make sense? I mean, when there is something I would like to take a photo of, I would just grunt a bit then go on with life. But worrying takes up more time.

I did use my camera phone to take down a photo of an important flier. At least there was back up. But really, I now know that I cannot live without my camera


One thought on “PP 10: Night view

  1. Yes, it is a nice picture, baby. I am happy to see you get improving! Hehe šŸ˜‰ (joking)
    My friend took the picture for me here, at school with my camera. Thank you for saying it’s sexy. I love it! :*

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