Early wakers

101408 by you.

I woke up early despite lying in bed not being able to sleep because of caffine and strawfeminists. I probably fell into slumber pass 12:30am, despite lying in bed at 11:30am. You wonder why anyone staying on campus wants to sleep so early. Why can’t I? I enjoy a good sleep and I shall continue.

This photo was taken at 7:05am. I heard the buses roaring way before that. How early does the driver uncle have to wake up? And why must he keep his bus clean? He can use this time to catch up on sleep or at least save water.

It makes me guilty being able to sleep until it’s noon while there are people who are forced to wake up before sunrise. That includes me during school, but Mom made the most sacrifice by waking earlier than any of us.

Let’s love our moms.


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