Everyday is a nice day

Woke up early today and had breakfast at YIH. I had a workshop at CDTL at 9am so I decided not to make my own breakfast.

Bought bread at Cheers. They do not have the cheap wholemeal anymore, and Fairprice wholemeal is just too light for me to last even till lunch. So I bought Gardenia. 65 cents more expensive. But if you think of it as 10 cents perday for feeling more full, it’s not that bad.

Had a coffee in a takeaway cup, it’s environmentally friendly, but it’s at least 1.5 of the regular tiny teacup of coffee. Caffeine wins over trees.
DSCN0825 by you.

YIH has great coffee because of the condensed and evaporated milk they put in.
DSCN0826 by you.

But it’s a bit indulgent to have a $1.50 breakfast when I can buy a loaf of bread for that price. I am Girl on a Budget.

The workshop was good. One of the better workshops that I have been to. Met MC, who I know from year 3’s CCA. She went to Tsinghua for her SEP and enjoyed her time there.

We then visited the forum for bazaar. But there was a queue to put away your bag, a queue to get into the buying area and an even looooonger queue to pay. No way am I spending time on all that queuing.
DSCN0834 by you.

Everyone’s bags
DSCN0830 by you.

DSCN0829 by you.

It’s the period of bad economy and yet people are buying like the world is ending tomorrow!

Then it was class. After class, Mlle Malwina was giving out leaflets about a talk on France, at the exact same time I was having class. Oh, la France! How cruel that they do not want us to meet. *dramatic wave of hanky*

But, took the chance during class’s break to go there. Just in time for quiz! And I won myself a CD for knowing chef-d’oeuvre. Bua ha ha. The French Club was just taking all the prizes, pas tres juste, non? Who am I to say such a thing. Hypocrite!

DSCN0835 by you.

I will do a series on: Things I’ll miss in NUS, soon!


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