How to make granola

D sent me the recipe for making granola and I tried it out today. Don’t want to study…

For every 1.5 cup of rolled oats (one serving), use 1 tbs of honey and 1 tbs of olive oil. Sprinkle in pinch of salt and 1/4 tsp cinnamon. Put this in the microwave at medium for 30 sec.

After microwaving, the honey and oil will be liquidy, just right! And I added a teaspoon of milo for chocolate flavour

So you put your oats in the baking tray: I put foil then the oats.

Then pour the mixture on it. I made the mistake of putting oats into the mixture so there’s only clumps of flavoured oats. ha ha

Oh, you would have preheated the oven. Now put your oats in at 150 degree Celsius and bake for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Have a taste of the crunch level. It’s probably perfect, if not burnt. Wait for it to cool then put them in an airtight container. You can add in nuts or raisins. I didn’t have a container so I used a plastic bag.

1019 by you.

1.5 cups makes one serving. Shown above

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