Play with Japanese Language

Ha ha, the translation of Nihongo de asobou sounds so suggestive (esp when I leave out “language”, play with Japanese (who? Toma, of course))

Anyway, I joined the event organized by the JUGAS (Japanese University Graduates Association of Singapore) and the Japanese Association, Singapore. It was 4 hours of games with some Japanese sprinkled in.

I went alone and I sat at the grown-ups’ table and met with people who were in the Japanese speaking meeting that happens every first and third Saturday. Cool! Can practise your speaking. I found that since I was forced to speak Japanese with the two grown-ups, I could. Yeah! My mantra will be: Je parle bien francais. And watashi no nohongo wa jyozu desu! Heh heh. Confidence

We first made origami of sushi and a balloon that we could blow. The sushi was just plain weird, it’s the type with a piece of meat on top of rice. ha ha

The games involved was: Katakana Panic. Where you try to make as long as possible a word in the group that the judge specifies. We had: what’s in a burger, name of a manga or anime character, a tourist destination in SG and a household appliance.

Then it was conversation using fans. They have some fans with stuff written behind. I was in the group doing mealtime conversation. My line was, “Let’s start the meal.” Ha

Afterwards of 100 people one poem. Something like that:

DSCN0867 by you.

So the judge reads the first half of a poem, and we have to smack the cards that has the second half of the poem. He reads it out, so you just need to catch the first few characters. Easy peasy, when the cards are facing you. But it was fun There are people (in Japan) who know the poems by heart and can choose the card, as soon as the first lines are read. Wow!

Last game was a kanji game. I never knew I forget my Chinese characters under stress. Ha ha. Ganbarimasu!

It ended at 6.30pm. Here’s some photos of the place:

DSCN0862 by you.

Comic library. Drools. but is for members The uncle just wouldn’t move

DSCN0876 by you.

Orchid motive yukata. Not v nice
DSCN0873 by you.

It was fun, even though my team didn’t win any of the games. Ha. nvm. Next year!


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