Miso chicken and my dinner

I’m trying to come up with a dish to bring to International Exchange Day, organized by Francophile (aka French Club). I bought a bag of miso yesterday and decided that I’ll just make (easy) baked miso chicken.

I marinated the meat for 4 hours by rubbing miso on the chicken and wrapping them in cling wrap. Then I laid them out to be baked (roast, whichever, I have no concept of baking)

DSCN0899 by you.

I also made soup. I planned to make miso soup, but it turned into my regular soup with added miso. >0<

First, I use seaweed. Dried seaweed (kombu in Japanese) is yummy when cooked in soup. And gives you iodine or some sort.

1017-soup0 by you.

Cut them up
1017-soup-1 by you.

They immediately expand when you soak them.
1017-soup-4 by you.

And we must have mushrooms:
1017-soup-2 by you.

Soaking (I soak them with the roof facing up so the umbrella stick can soak in water)
1017-soup-3 by you.

I put in a lot of chicken and carrot to the soup. It turned out to be my normal soup, then I added some miso. No salt (had been using v little salt these days)

The soup was fine, but the miso chicken was a bit dry. Will cover with foil next time.

DSCN0901 by you.


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