How to cook Japanese style somen

I feel in love with eating cold noodles when I was in Japan. The weather in summer is so hot you do not feel like eating anything hot.

At first I was a bit uneasy about cold noodles, I never had any and thought it was strange eating cold food. But when I ate it, wow! It’s v v v good. So today, I made somen for lunch.

Somen is very easy to make. I bought my soy sauce (tsuyu) at Daiso for $2. It was the same taste as the ones I have in Japan. Yeah!

I also bought 300g of somen from Daiso. This is half the portion:
somen-0 by you.

1. Bring your water to boil
somen-7 by you.

2. Then put in the noodles by slowly releasing you grip like you are milking a cow.
somen-1 by you.

somen-2 by you.

It cooks really quickly
somen-3 by you.

You don’t want it too chewy or mushy. Have a taste and if it’s done, take all of them out and wash under running cold water to wash off the startch.

Then serve it by soaking it in cold water.
somen-4 by you.

Serve your tsuyu in a bowl (here I use a cup).
somen-5 by you.

TO eat: take some noodles and dip it in the sauce then slurp loudly. It’s ok to slurp, in fact it’s more polite to slurp really loudly. ha ha


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