Long time no post

Today’s dinner:

Soup is corn with barley and seaweed. Very umami
DSCN9729 by you.

Lunch. I bought bacon as a treat. It’s those bacon that’s the left over after they slice the nice bacon
DSCN9725 by you.

How to cook rice, it doesn’t burn of you put them in a bowl. Cooked this with barley tea, but not much of the flavour came out:

DSCN9721 by you.
Praying mantis (!!) that came yesterday nightDSCN9717 by you.

Saturday’s breakfast
DSCN9716 by you.

Lunch from a school day

DSCN9706 by you.

Cute strawberry umbrella

DSCN9702 by you.

Talk to the hand
DSCN9714 by you.


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