Day out: Kose Sale

Heh heh, went to Kose sale with D at Great World City. I had thought the place would be very run down but it is actually very posh.

Anyway, bought these:

  • mascara at $4 each
  • sun block at $6
  • make up remover at $3
  • and foundation at $11

kose sales by you.

After all that buying, we went for teatime. Ha ha, at Sushi Boshi. At first we were there to buy sushi. 90cents for a salmon sushi that is twice the size of Giant’s.
teatime1 by you.

Then I accidentally discovered that they have a $5 teatime set.
teatime by you.

Wow! $5 for all that?! Well, there’s the 10% and 7% tax, but it’s still worth it.
teatime4 by you.

and large cup of tea
teatime2 by you.

Then we took the shuttle bus to CIty Hall and walked to Suntec for Carrefour. Saw floating xmas trees. Very Harry Potter 😀
flyingtrees by you.


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