L’oreal sale


I went to L’oreal sale at expo. HA ha ha ha! Spent $55 in total. Oh no!

But the offer was great: Foundation, usual $29.90 at $20. UV Perfect sunblock at only $5 each! Faint, so cheap. Hydrafresh at $15, around the same as at OCXXN at Chinatown. Two hair perfumes at $10 (been wanting to get them since last year)

But they were cheating the buyers by labelling their Maybelline mousse blush for 2 at $20. The promo at Carrefour now is $15.50 for two!!! Oi! swindlers!

Was a good girl and didn’t buy too much.

But now I have four cakes of foundation. Three L’oreal (two R2, one R1 fro last time) and the one from Kose. Do I have that much face?


2 thoughts on “L’oreal sale

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