Okonomi Dinner

Went to IMM around noon to buy stuff for tonight’s okonomiyaki dinner. Visited DAISO, bought aonori and katsuo. At Giant, I got chicken and two squids.

Started preparing at 6pm. Chopped a bit of cabbage and thought it was too little, so I chopped another half. Then started on the chicken cooking and squid preparation.

I had watched a video on washing squid before I started. So I did all I learnt and there was one squid that gave me a hard time.

I pulled out the body but the head was still hard. Strange, so I tried pulling it out but something poked me. So I slit it open with my knife and OMG! There was not one but three small fishes in the head. Gross! So I threw them out. Eeee!

Anyway okonomi dinner went well. Used the okonomi mix that I got from cold storage.

Add the eggs, water, cabbage and ingredients in to make a slightly sticky paste. Then scoop it into the pan, it should be clumpy not drippy

DSCN9834 by you.

Fry one side then the other. During the second side, you can put on cheese, it’ll melt and tastes wonderful.

DSCN9849 by you.

The pour on the okonomi sauce, we used this instead of the scary-lady-brand. And also mayonnaise.

Sprinkle the benito flakes and the powdery seaweed (aonori)

DSCN9850 by you.

Cut and serve, it will be crispy outside and moist inside. yummy
DSCN9851 by you.


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