My new external hard drive

I’m very excited now because I’m partitioning my new 500G (476G to be exact) into 3 partitions. One for movies, photos and a lousy 100G for work. HA HA HA!

The first partition is now at 5% formatted. It’s a 200G so the formatting is v v v slow! And I realised only just now that 200G is almost the same as my laptop’s hard disks. Will the partitioning succeed? Will it not??!

Very curious to find out. Will post photos of the drive once it’s over with formatting and I can safely put in my memory card.

Update! The formatting ended pass 9pm. Very long. I moved some files from the computer to the new partition. WIll add another partition tomorrow, let the HDD take a rest.

Now it lies at my right, and managed to be covered by a withering flower, a pen and a comb. That’s how my desk works

HDD by you.

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