Tarot: NM BBQ


Ha ha, I’m back with another accurate reading.

Six of Cups (Pleasure), when reversed: Closing your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Escaping realities by living in the past. Refusal to grow up and embrace the joys of adulthood. Contempt for acts of gentle kindness. May indicate immaturity or sexual insecurities. May indicate the departure of an old friend.

I was deciding whether not to go to the NM year4 BBQ because I’m not very familiar with those who are going. And I found out how to watch Japanese television online. Tomorrow at 6pm (Japan time) is the start of Yoshiwara arc for Gintama.

But since the card tells me this, I shall go. to grow up. Ha ha. Plus, I can watch Gin-chan another time anyway.


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