Start of Feb!

Back from Chinese New Year holidays. Mountain of readings not done. So stressed that I had gastric pain for a night and now an ulcer on my tongue.

But will fight on!!! nothing a cup of coffee can’t help.

Oh no! It’s already February. This means the over hyped Valentine’s day is coming in two weeks.

Watching Hotaru no Hikari. I am a himono-onna!!!!!!

Went to Choa Chu Kang this morning because the Courts there was selling a 2G MP4 at only $69. But I arrived later than other kiasu people and lost out on MP4 buying. Someday my MP4 will come.

Went to the newly opened building next to Clementi MRT.

The Ramen Tei there was having sushi offer. 99cents for a white plate sushi. Wow! must try.

How was it? Quite good. The salmon melted in my mouth. But what was frustrating was that the good stuff only comes out once in a while. I didn’t dare ask for the waiter to order because the one who served me told me that everything is on the belt.

Had 9 plates and tea. $12.60 meal.

Hungry just thinking about it.

Must eat sushi buffet one of these days.


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