Boys aren’t that bad


I’ve always wanted a baby girl. Never even considered having a boy. For what reason? Feminism? It’s more of instinct. (PS For all potential suitors, do not panic and run away after seeing this.)

Boys are so rowdy and hard to take care. Not that I have taken care of any. And I was a pretty hard to take care rowdy girl too. Ha ha.

Anyway, today I was a tour guide for six junior high boys from Japan. I will not divulge their details in case any pedophile gets high just from reading.

I used my broken Japanese to communicate. They used their broken English too.

We went to Little India and Bugis area. It was a lot of walking, but it wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be.

The boys were really cute (in children way, not guy-cute). They were curious that I knew what makan and tandas meant. Those were the two important words they learned in Kuala Lumpur. Even more surprised that I wasn’t from China. Short explanation (using humble nouns I learnt recently) of where my granpa, granma, pa and ma were from.

The two words I used more were “daijoubu? = Are you ok?” and “OK!!”

The nicest thing was, they gave their guides presents at the end. Even though some were from Daiso (I am guilty of Daiso gifts too) it was still really sweet.

I would love to be a guide to rowdy boys again.


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