DIY: Apple Cider Vinegar toner

I had read a bit about Apple Cider Vinegar toner and being the skincare junkie that I am, I die die must try I thought it might help with my combination skin.

The recipe is simple but difficult if you don’t know where to look. I hunted high and low for Bragg ACV because I’ve also read that other filtered ones don’t work as well.

I checked Tiong Bahru Fairprice, Cold Storage at Great World, Plaza Sing’s Carrefour and there were none.

I turned to the almighty Flowerpod where someone posted that they bought theirs from GNC.

Today, I passed NTUC Unity drugstore and saw the ORGANIC section. I slipped in and voila! There it was, bottles of ACV on the shelf. I bought a small bottle.

I couldn’t stop day dreaming about using the apple cider vinegar as toner. As I was eating, I day dreamt. In the middle of the movie, I dreamt somemore. And I couldn’t wait to get back to try it.

I got back and boiled a pot of hot water for the green tea. I opened the apple cider vinegar and it stank up the whole kitchen.

I tried pouring some vinegar into a mug and ended up with more on the counter top and around the bottle than inside the mug. I chilled the tea on top of ice.

I mixed in equal parts of vinegar and tea, dipped my cotton pad in and patted my face. It stung on the cheeks but not on forehead.

I suspect it’s working like magic coz my skin seems to be a lot less pore-y than usual. Will get back in a week for longer results.


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