Day out at movies

Spent the whole day cooped in the house and witnessed a controlling jealous abusive boyfriend being emotionally, verbally and (almost) physically torture his girlfriend.

I rather spent my life as a spinster than date a guy like that. My friends, if I ever am with an abusive guy, tell me to my face. I want to save myself.

Enough sad stuff. I went out today with D! To the movies, museum and drank a whole lot of (root)beer.

Watched Coco avant Chanel. I want more Coco! Audrey Tautou is so chic.

Then to the museum, I could not resist taking this photo of me stepping into the NC-16 zone. I love my purple Crocs, though mom asked me why I take so much photos of my feet.


We ate at Just Acia, located at the Dhoby Ghaut station shops. Free flow of drinks, drank till tummy almost exploded.

Since it was a cool evening, we went walking to digest all that water. At Orchard Centre, D noticed they have Asian mannequins.

Usual Caucaisian manneq


And the Asiaaans. Or should I say, East Asians.



Reminded me of the MadTV parody (esp 0:17-0:20) of Memoirs of a Geisha

I love MadTV


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