The food entry

Some days I forget that this blog is titled I Live to Eat and I blog about random things in my life.

But tonight I remembered that this is supposed to be about me eating. So here’s a random post on interesting food that I met and consumed these days.

First, meet my first attempt at making yogurt. I confess I am motivated by the possibility of having an endless supply of yogurt for less than shop prices, though I tell people I am trying out how to make Vietnamese styled yogurt — with condensed milk.


My failed attempt produced a concoction of sweet milk with lumps of yogurt. Still yummy anyway. So half a success. Clap for me!

Next up is something from my favourite sushi place. Where in Singapore can you get a plate of sushi at 99 cents? And sushi rice that doesn’t taste like cardboard (Nihon mura’s cheap sushi tastes just like that.)

In Clementi’s Ramen Tei, they have cheap and yummy sushi. My record is 9 plates of sushi plus multiple green tea refills.

And to reward myself for making calls to random people, I shared a dessert. Mochi ice cream. Like the combination but not as much as the sushi.


Next up is good ramen. Why do I say good? Cos you’ve probably eaten crappy ramen at chain Japanese restaurants such as Saxae or Axsen. The noodles taste like instant ones and the soup is a halfhearted attempt at ramen pork soup. Yuck (halfhearted, not the pork part)!

Meet shoyu ramen (soy sauce ramen) from Gyoza no Oushou, a small hole in the wall at Cuppage Plaza. They have tables facing the kitchen for single user and tables for multiple users.

Look at my ramen! That piece of fatty pork is AAAHHH~~~ The noodles slurpy and the soup porky. I love it! And it was only $11 nett. And I didn’t even taste the spring onions (raw veg, RUN!)


Last food is from a very cheap Burmese eatery at Peninsula Plaza. Executive lunch offer. Main meal (mine was Burmese chicken curry), veg (cooked, so you don’t need to run), soup and a drink. Only $4.5!!

tabemonoz-4I totally loved the soup but hard a hard time finishing it because of its spicy and sour combi. Too spicy, but that’s what makes it addictive.

I live to eat. How about you?


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