The happy drunk

When people ask if I want alcoholic drinks, I decline and say that I get allergies.

It’s true, I do get rashes all over if I drink too much alcohol. And since I get drunk really really easily, I’ve decided not to drink more than two sips of alcohol in public.

This morning when I was out shopping, I decided to buy a bottle of plum wine, to celebrate my first job. I had promised myself to buy one if I get the NHK job (which I didn’t get. oh well!)

DSCN1256M came over for the night cos all my house mates are away.

To celebrate, I brought out the plum wine. M only had about 1/4 of the 160ml and I had the rest with ice.

It’s as yummy as I remembered. And since I’m not used to drinking, I got tipsy.

When I get tipsy, everything seems funny. I can laugh my head off any small thing.

And apparently, alcohol loosens my mouth too. I babbled and babbled and babbled. I even managed to drunk Facebook (drunk dialling). Wee

But that’s all. I don’t think I will imagine myself as a bird, it’s not drugs, just alcohol.

Do you ever get drunk? What sort of drunk are you?

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