New treatment for skin – attractive men

My skin has not been in very good shape for the past few weeks. There has been breakouts on my usually large pored skin. Maybe I can blame it on

  • sleeping past 12 midnight
  • my new facial cleanser that might be a bit too rich for me
  • apple cider vinegar

Or the reason might be I have not been thinking enough about attractive men.

According to Chizu Saeki, fantasising (it’s what this news says, not me being naughty) about attractive men helps promote the “secretion of hormones beneficial to the skin.”

Since moving in with the cavemen, and being stuck in the house with job search, I have not seen much good looking men.

Like Amemiya Hotaru from the drama “Hotaru no Hikari”, the only time my heart skipped was when I climbed the stairs.

I was back in school these few days, enjoying my sightseeing. There was one particular guy at the photocopy room who made me accidentally make additional copies.

Unfortunately, I also saw my ex-crush and tried my very best not look in his way for a full half hour before he left. When he did leave, I proceeded to use CORS to stalk which class he was going to.

School is fun. I’m creepy.


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