Lesson from roller blading

DSCN1218-1You learn lessons in life at the oddest places.

I went to East Coast Park with some friends, it’s really to bring people, who haven’t been out much, somewhere.

We decided on ECP, with romantic thoughts of picnics but we were too lazy to prepare food. In the end, it was just an outing.

I’d wanted to roller blade since cycling seems a bit boring. I’ve roller bladed when I was 11, it should be like cycling, right?

So we put on our blades and sort of regretted as soon as we stood up. It’s so hard to balance.

I did manage to roll around for a while but as soon as I lose concentration, I would slip. And once I slipped and hit my thigh really hard. I shouted out loud: ITE!!!! (It hurts) and got up.

A and I got philosophical (she always seems to be sincerely philosphical) and we pondered why as kids we dared to do stuff but not now.

We had walked wobblily. We try to run before we even know how to walk. For me, I challenged the giant of a bicycle and bumped into someone’s car.

Why were we more daring as kids? Was pain less scary then? Or were we just more determined to succeed?

Maybe it is because we have learned to fear pain (falling down) and failure (looking like a fool).

Yes, maybe we did. So from today, I want to remind myself to be like a kid and just try stuff out. Even if it hurts, I’ll just get up and try again.


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