Tribute to my dead rice cooker

Dear rice cooker,

Thank you for being with me all these years (3 years?). I remembered the day I met you in Fairprice Clementi, you were on offer and I picked you up without a second thought.

At first I was crossed that you only had cook and warm functions. But now, I realised that I only need these two. Actually, cook alone is enough. ha ha

You are the first rice cooker that belonged to me. Not my family, no one else. You existed for me. (I sound creepy now).

Thank you for all the wonderful days of warming milk, cooking eggs, soba and even chicken nuggets.

Here are some of the last dishes you halped with.

Fried rice (rice cooked in rice cooker)


Chicken in soy sauce.

DSCN1237The very last dish that you did was toasting my bread. I think it was then that I killed you.

So sorry.

Your sad owner

(who’s going to get another rice cooker soon.)


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