Why I don’t have a boyfriend

Very luckily, this trip back home, I didn’t meet with smug parents-of-kids-with-significant-others.

These people like to ask: Do you have a boyfriend. And then fake incredulity by asking really loudly, “REALLY? WHY?”

“Well, nobody wants me,” I would say with a big smile, when in fact I want to scream: WHY NOT?

“Are your standards too high? You should set them lower.”

No, my standards are not “too high”, my social circle is too small.

And also, I would discover at very inappropriate times that the guy I happen to be interested has a girlfriend!

And another whom I had set my mind to ask out to see a film actually posted a status update on Facebook that says “If you ask me out and I reject you. It’s not you. it’s me. I’m too busy”

The stars are definitely not in my favour.

But I assume by having 23 years of bad luck in romantic relationships, I would be having better ones.


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