Third day of work

Reading of the day:

I’m not supposed to blog about my work. But I’ll blog about non-work stuff and about how my day went.

Arrived at office a wee bit too early this morning. The buses from my place to work are a bit messed up.

I live quite near my workplace, about 10 minutes bus ride will do. There are three buses that I can take.

However, two of the buses arrive around the same time, while one comes a lot later.

For my first day of work, I missed the two buses and waited for so long before the third came.

Unfortunately, the third one takes a longer route and I was wearing court shoes (low heels are still heels). Fortunately, I arrived JUST ON TIME, not that that impressed many people cos they weren’t there to see it.

I’ve discovered that the MRT is $0.11 cheaper than the bus. I’ll try that tomorrow, since there are a lot more trains than buses.


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