I’m superficial

This week was quite a good week, despite not so good progress in work.

I have met hot and cute guys! It makes my week! And I hope my skin becomes really really good.

Mom keeps telling me not to be superficial whenever I tell her some guy is good-looking. But mom! I’m only looking.

Anyway, let’s see. As I was searching for news for my job, I found out a photo of a very cute Google’s co-founder. But scratch that, I saw a recent photo and it’s a bit -_-” Plus, even if he has tamed his hair, he is very married to a¬†philanthropist wife.

Then there was a guy at an event. At first glance, it was “Wow. Hot stuff”. But, as I told N, I think it might have been because I was very hungry at that time. Being hungry makes my brain go weird. Then I found out he has a very annoying accent, having grown up abroad. Anyway, he’s out of my league in his weird corporate world.

Then there’s the waiter at ION’s Japanese restaurant who has a very nice accent. Can’t place where it’s from. But with his not-bad-looking face and that accent, he scores 80%. A very high grade. My friends and I actually stop conversations just to listen to him speak in his slightly British but not obnoxious accent.

And here are some waiter pick up lines (they are CHEESY!)

Waiter: Any last orders?
Customer: Yes. Are you on the take away menu?

Customer: (goes back into restaurant) I think I left something.
Waiter: What is it, I can help you look.
Customer: I left my heart, is it with you?

Keep the good looking ones coming!

PS I have forgotten how Person 2 and 3 looks like now. Dang my short term memory. It was fun while it lasted.

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