Facebook abstinence Day 2++

It’s been two full days plus maybe 12 hours since I deactivated my Facebook account.

I’m surviving, although I did have thoughts of posting stuff on my status update, and then remembering that I can’t, and then feeling proud of myself for it.

I noticed I have a lot of extra time without Facebook.

In the morning, I didn’t have to “farm” or participate in illegal Mafia Wars activities. I finished everything, including my breakfast 10 minutes pass 8. Amazing.

At work, I didn’t need to secretly open up Mafia Wars to use up my energy. I didn’t need to check out every status update, which is a good thing cos FB’s new “improvement” is too annoying.

When I got back, I realized I had a lot of time. I even went for a swim.

After swimming, I had time to scan through headlines as well.

Life without Facebook is just great.

Maybe I’ll just use Facebook Lite when the week is over.


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