Nothing in the world will go wrong with hot chocolate

Just finished a cup of hot chocolate. I chopped bitter chocolate and added them to the milk + water mixture that I heated up. The result is a brownish smooth chocolatey drink.

Choc high now. Feel giddy with happiness.

Received my paycheck today. Something to tide over my poor account.

Will now have to start thinking about my real budgeting.

Didn’t have the sense of euphoria, which is what people have told me, that comes with the first paycheck. Perhaps I’m thinking: Do I even deserve this?

N says I shouldn’t be whining. It’s my first month.

Perhaps I should also start something like: Don’t complain for a week.

Facebook abstinence was slightly cut short when I needed to check out the profile of a lady I will be interviewing. Turns out, she locked her profile.

Well, I didn’t play Mafia Wars. So I guess that still counts as abstinence.


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