I love weekends

Went grocery shopping yesterday and made a giant pot of veggie soup. I may hate raw veg, but if it’s all mushy in a meaty stock–yummy!

Also experimented with soymilk yogurt. My previous batches of yogurt had been too watery, probably cos I’m stingy with my condensed milk and add in too much water. Or it might be other reasons, please share your experience.

I was less stingy with the soymilk this time. 2:1 ratio of soymilk to water. The final product was a sticky and sourish yogurt-like thing. Ha ha. I don’t think I’d get food poisoning from it, but will post here if I do.

I listened on loop Mozart l’Opera Rock’s soundtrack on Youtube. The songs are so catchy, would I ever be able to see it live?

Still have a bit of work that I had delayed from work. Will get those done by tonight.


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