My love affairs…with browsers

This has been in my draft for sometime. I had been looking at it again and again to see how to make it better.

Writing at work takes really hard work. I can write the same paragraph three times to see which sentence sounds better.

So in my blog, I won’t think, I’ll just write whatever comes to mind. I checked anyway.

But still, I have to be entertaining. So today, I shall tell you my love affairs with browsers. As I do not have an exciting love life, I’ll make up my own exciting story!

I will liberally personify browsers. I’m not that kinky.

The first time I got involved with a browser, I didn’t even know it was one. Like childhood friendships, you don’t care what the other person was. It was IE that came along with Windows. I tried to be friends, and I think it did too. But we had no common language (Internet connection) so we didn’t have anything to talk about. I gave up and went along with life.

My first “involvement” with a browser was around 14. It was at a pay-as-you-surf Internet shop, and they only had Netscape. I remember it being clunky and not helpful at all.

Later, when we had our own internet connection. I got involved with Internet Explorer again, who was introduced by his rich daddy Mr Microsoft.

It was an exciting change from Netscape who had gotten from boring to really boring.

IE took me places I’ve never been, but I was never satisfied. There must be something wrong with a guy who’s just involved with every single person!

One day I came across Mozilla (yes, Firefox’s elder brother, FF wasn’t born then).  Mozilla had a cuter interface and I loved  how I was the only one I knew who was involved with Mozilla.

I went steady with Mozilla until one day someone else introduced Firefoz. I didn’t like Firefox, thinking he’s out to take over his brother’s place. I was right, one day Mozilla’s parents told me that they won’t have Mozilla under their roof.

I dread going back to IE, who I heard gets drunk easily and crash lots of times.

So I decided to be with Firefox. Slowly, I learned of his good sides. He had his brother’s good looks and was extra helpful.

Firefox wanted to improve himself so much that there had been different versions of him. I wasn’t used to this upgrading thing but I stuck on to him.

At university, I got to work with Safari cos my CCA was a snobbish club with deep pockets. Like all snobbish persons, Safari had an air of “I don’t need you to understand me”. It was hard trying to get along with Safari, especially under his family–the Apples who weren’t very friendly to someone from my sort of background.

In my final year in university, I heard that the Google family had a new kid out. Everyone knew that Google is the coolest new family in the neighbourhood. I wasn”t that excited to get to know Chrome cos I thought Firefox would forever be with me.

But in a project, I learnt of Chrome even more. I decided to give him a try just for the sake of being one of the few early adopters.

Chrome was a Google child–simple and fast. a bit too simple, I thought. It felt awkward to have search in the same place as the address. What if I want to keep the address?

Slowly, I fell madly in love with Chrome. He looked cool and he was once you get to know how to be with him, you think you can’t live with out his speed.

At work, I found out that the system doesn’t recognize Chrome. So I had to go places with Firefox just to let them let me in! Browserist I say.

Then I learnt of Opera. I heard about the widgets that it has and decided to give it a try as I was going to meet his family members.

Opera is a great companion at work. I found out my two browsers can link to each other through Opera Link. I also found out the html source page is colour coded–perfect for uploading stories.

So now I am with Chrome at home and a liaison with Opera and Firefox at work.

PS If only I were this adventurous in the dating game. I need a life apart from work and cavemen.


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