Weird conversation overheard

Was walking around this evening when I overheard a one person conversation.

I love eavesdropping to know about how other people’s  lives, it’s like a novel but more secretive.

Three 20-something girls walked past me and I heard Girl A tell her friends:

“I think having the same background is very important. For me, I can’t imagine marrying a guy from the South.”

A bit of information on these girls. From their accents, they are from China, and “the South” refers to the southern provinces.”

I wanted to laugh out loud when I heard her say that. Why limit your circle of “potentials”?

And is the world only about Northern China and the South? Whythe heck are you overseas if it doesn’t exist in your mind?


One thought on “Weird conversation overheard

  1. the northern chinese think they are superior than southern one… just like northern indians think they are to southern indians. funny

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