When love turns to chore

No no, it’s not a emo post about my job. It’s still in the “love” category.

I’m talking about washing my makeup brushes. I used to love the weekends during university when I could wash my brushes.

Well, before I started washing my brushes, I didn’t know that I should wash them at least once a week. No wonder the brush didn’t pick up as much powder as before.

Then, I learned from N that videojug.com has videos on brush washing. I watched and learned.

I loved washing my brushes. I loved laying them down to dry. I loved how it picked up (imaginary) as much powder as I first had it.

I taught my sister how to wash the brushes. And she reported the same sense of accomplishment as I did the first time I washed my brushes.

Then washing slowly became a chore as I put on makeup for work everyday. I have spare brushes but I didn’t feel like using cleaner ones as it will mean I have to wash an extra brush.

With liquid foundation, I have to wash sponges too. Ahh… the chore


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