Afterthoughts… The Prestige (movie)

The magazine that I bought suggested that one take time off to read and post afterthoughts to one’s  (long abandoned by readers) blog.

So I shall. (Duh).

poster’s Johansson seems to be an afterthought too: Let’s stick a sexy lady in.

Just finished <The Prestige>. Was a poor student who couldn’t afford going to the cinemas, and didn’t really cared much for the people in it. But today, I have time, but still not much money, to finish the whole film (for Christian Bale).

I read the spoiler twice before I watch this. One thing is, I can’t handle too much suspense. I get really nervous watching suspense scenes. I have to pause and run about before coming back to the screen.

I want to know where I will be holding my breath and what happens afterwards. I also read my mystery novel from the beginning to know the characters then jump to the back to see the ending.

Second reason I read the spoiler is because it’s supposed to be so twisted that you have to watch it twice to get everything. I have no patience for anything like that.

Armed with the knowledge of what will happen, I still enjoyed staring at Christian Bale, frowning at Hugh Jackman robbing Bale’s screen time, admiring Johansson’s hats.

Good for wasting time you need to waste anyway.


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