10 days to new year:


If being French means drinking loads of red wine during meals, I’ll do it.

-Liau Y. Q., Random Quotes from the Author’s Life

It is almost Christmas and shopping centers are going all out decorating. What a waste, cos they’ll take them down anyway. If they just hang something red, they can last till Chinese New Year + Valentine’s Day.

10 days to new year and life goes on.

Bought a drink from Starbucks using the voucher given as an x’mas gift. I love free things.

And this is the view of Orchard Central from our floor. You need to go out into the garden to see everything.

Did some art at work:

Lunch was at Waraku and I ordered salmon sashimi, thinking there’s going to be a lot like on the menu. NO!

Then a chocolate from Godiva. Not posh enough to appreciate them. (We shared the whole box.)

And a Bakersinn plank cake which was too chocolatey.

X’mas gift from senior: label says “massage pillow”.

I asked, “Do I massage it or does it massage me?” People had -_-” expression.

Came home for dumplings with red wine, to finish my bottle


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