Must post before sleep–2 days to 2010

Since I had promised promised to blog., I shall leave a “To be continued here”

Going to ICA tmr to renew my dang temp employment pass. And become PR soon. heh eh

[updated] dec 31 12.25AM

A short history about me and my “game problem”.

I had been addicted to games before. Online games and PC games. Both.

My parents were wise enough not to buy me a console because I will spend my free time playing it. Every second of my free time.

My first memory of playing video games is a lousy console that has a tape thing that you push vertically into, which makes me about 7?

I remember playing a football game and I liked having it in 2-player mode. I would play on Team A then using Team B’s character, help Team A score.

My mind had been twisted since then, so it seems.

Then the console went missing from my memory.

Later, I played PC games. Mostly Taiwan RPG games, and I still love them.

In my high school year, I got addicted to an online game. From retrospect, I believe I played it because my crush was, and I wanted to “meet him”” in cyberspace.

BUT, my mind had probably just made all that up to legitimize my addiction.

I loved games so much that I was willing to wake up really early to click on my mouse and bang my keyboard.

Today, I’m addicted to Assassin’s Creed. hearts/


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