1 day to 2010

Before I get sucked into my game. I want to write here for the sake of writing.

I’m planning to update yesterday’s post about computer games and my life, so I’m running out of ideas for this. Really don’t know what to write.

Making soup for dinner as usual. Tomorrow’s half day at work–yipee, but still boo cos I need to unglue myself from my computer.

Well, having this big a screen isn’t very good for writing stuff cos people passing by will just see whatever I’m up to.


I know what to write now! Having major crush on game character.

Altair from Assassin’s Creed

He is just one lump of major hotness sashaying through the streets. Best thing is, I get the view of his behind.

But in case you ever think: OMG. She’s a weird freak who wants to marry a video game character. NO! [update: besides, he doesn’t seem to be a family guy.]]

You must see him move, I tell you. You’ll fall in love with him too.


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