Reflection time–If I were a boy

Haven’t been spending enough time reflecting.  I shall reflect on… Can’t think of anything to reflect on…

Oh yes, called home and dad picked up the phone.

Me: The aircon’s fixed by repairmen,
Dad: How much was it?
Me: I didn’t need to pay, it was the apartment manager.
Dad: Good. Filters need to be cleaned from time to time. Do you know how to?
Me: I would be able to if I can get a ladder.
Dad: Is it that high up? Then buy a ladder.
Me: Urgh, moving will be crazy.
Dad: They’re really light. Or you should get a boyfriend.
Me: … Huh?
Dad: Get him to fix your aircon for you.
Me: I don’t need to get a boyfriend to fix the aircon for me. I can do it myself (if I have a ladder).
Dad: Sigh… Girls don’t need to be that good (at everything)
Me: Wha…

That was a very unfeminist conversation with me and my dad. It’s either he’s an MCP (sort of, I admit) or he doesn’t want his darling daughter stressing herself out too much.

The reason I want to be superwoman is because I’m sick of boys getting to do the fun stuff.

It was something etched in my mind since young: boys have more fun, cos I keep hearing: “Girls don’t do that.”

Is that so, then I’d rather be a boy!!!–Little me would think that.

Beyoncé’s “If I were a boy” is stuck in my head.


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